William Morse is Born to Create in Amanacer Apparel


William Morse is Born to Create  Shot in Amanacer Apparel in Haiti at the Oloffson Hotel
William Morse is born to create_  tshirt by Amanacer Apparel

Featuring: William Morse of Vodou Roots-Rock Band RAM

Location - Haiti, Hotel Oloffson (RAM’s Secret Band Practice Room)

Apparel: Born to Create Unisex Cotton Tshirt

Shot by: Emily Bauman (Amanacer)

Edited by: Charlotte Drimmie

William Morse is Born to Create x Amanacer Apparel

Q. So William, if you could bring any creative project to life, with unlimited budget and knowing any collaborator was guaranteed to say YES! ... what would you make?

A. I would make a graphic novel about Haiti. I’d tie in the revolution, magic, vodou, love, power, and Haitian folklore.

Haitian Musician and Artist William Morse of RAM is Born to Create
To me, creativity is the fleeting feeling between rage and pace. Serenity only found in chaos.

— -William Morse
William Morse is Born to Create
Veve inspired line drawing by Amanacer.jpg
I didn’t always believe you and I were both BORN TO CREATE.

I can admit it now: for two years I was on the path of creative stagnation and I didn’t even realize it. I was painting a lot but was in complete denial about some hard truths.

For me, resistance to the truth ‘I’m born to create’ often comes in the form of messages about not being good enough yet. I push off the meaningful change or creative output until AFTER... like after I learn this new skill or get better I will create it. For example, I will start the Amanacer Apparel company when I have a bigger presence on social media. Otherwise, it’s gonna be mediocre and have no reach.
Or I will update my website to reflect my current aesthetic and desire to spread creative tools AFTER I’ve learned Photoshop and my photos are more on point. Because I have to learn all the skills myself and can’t trust anyone else to really execute this precise, beautiful vision. (what the?!) The problem is that ‘after’ quickly becomes ‘never.’

It took me two years to get over those humps mentioned above, because I forgot I was already good enough. I only realized that I was on the dangerous course of just talking about creating and not taking action when I read the book ‘The War of Art - Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles’ by Steven Pressfield. Damn that slim little tome was a wakeup call! I highly recommend you read it, or better yet put it on your bedside table and read random passages when you wake up (because it’s basically the creatives’ Bible and deserves daily devotional status). Too far?

It comes down to these nine little words: I had forgotten that I was born to create.

I was setting up false barriers between myself and soul-led creations because I thought I wasn’t good enough (yet). Does that sounds familiar?

Here’s the thing, you sweet human you.

It’s as if we’ve all got the potential to connect to a personal electric grid of muses and inspiration that can light up every corner of our lives.

But most of the time we turn our wattage up to 20% or don’t even plug in at all because...later, after, when I have more time. It’s easier to accept those excuses than to really connect to our creative birthrights and plunge all the way in.

Even if we’re full time employed with side hustles, giving our all as moms, dads AND we’re ‘serious’ professionals with ‘no time’ the creative power is waiting for us to plug in.

Let’s overcome the myriad forms of resistance to this simple truth about our innate creative birthright, OK?

Why does it even matter, Em? I’m not an artist..

It matters because creativity, especially the artistic variety, is a free superpower. It’s an often untapped gift latent inside you that, when fully turned on, can enrich your experience of daily joy, excitement, happiness, of satisfaction and personal power. Of daring, of trying new things and feeling fully alive in the richness that only comes through breaking into our full creative potential.

Doesn’t that sounds kind of juicy and desirable?

So I made a shirt about it, as one does. It’s serving as a wearable, cozy reminder. And let me tell you, I adore it’s ultra-softness and minimalist directness, don’t you?

Ultimately I hope this T-shirt can serve as a reminder for you too ( and the people who see you wearing it)
Because the truth is that we are all simply
— Amanacer
Born to Create unisex