Phylissia Ross Wants You To Create Your Reality



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Singer, vocalist, composer and all around creative badass Phyllisia Ross was shot by Amanacer at Haiti’s mountain top Citadelle laferrière. This fortress in the clouds was built by Haiti’s own King in the North, Henri Christophe to defend the fledgling island nation from Napoleon’s Army. And he did, unfolding a new world order where possibilities like slaves defeating the largest army in the world was possible.

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Creative: Phyllisia Ross

Home town: South Florida

Currently home is: NYC!

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Do you have time for a quick story?

It’s a little behind-the-scenes-moment that might just make you laugh.

I’ve always found that one of the cool things about art is that once it’s out there in the public, people will interpret the same piece a hundred different ways. Sometimes it pisses artists off. Other times it’s hilarious for everyone involved.

This particular Amanacer Apparel “Create Your Reality” crop top design is the perfect example of that. When I sketched it out, I intended “Create Your Reality” as a call to action for us to stop being passive consumers and to start actively creating a better reality instead. For me, it was about making stuff. In my mind, it was about literally creating - you know, with hands, sweat, and some art supplies or design software.

So I had to laugh when I shared the draft design with my sister who lives over in Bali.

Her reaction?

“It’s cool. I really like the mermaid, but is a T-shirt about manifesting and The Secret really on topic for you?”

My answer “ What the?! What are you even talking about, LOL?”

So, I was about to scrap the design and start reworking the new apparel collection from scratch when my mom, voice of all knowledge, chimed in on the email chain. Thank all the gods I had copied Mama Janet.

“I like the ambiguity,” she said. “People can interpret it however they want. Either manifesting OR encouraging creatives to make a better world, starting with their own lives. I mean, does it really matter?”

The second light bulb went off.

I hadn’t thought of that angle, either. Keep it open, Emily.

Thanks, mom. Thanks, sis. I showed the mock-up to a few more friends who said “YES” we love it (I admit that at the time I didn’t ask their underpinning philosophical reactions, just aesthetics). But I would love to hear yours on both!

The creative process is so much richer when we allow fresh perspectives into the process!

So, I decided to leave it as is. To all of you my lovelies, I give you the first limited edition crop top from Amanacer Apparel!

Snap it up in the shop today, and please feel free to show me how you style it with your own creative flare using #AmanacerApparel

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