where are you based?

Amanacer Art & Apparel is based between Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Canada.

when did you start painting?

I started painting in oil at age 10 and have remained largely self-taught. When I was seven years old I moved with my family from Canada to Haiti, which was a tough transition. My parents gave me art supplies and journals to help make the transition easier. It soon became clear to me that a part of my psyche could only become clear to me by painting it. After the piece was done I felt a catharsis, and by looking at it I understood my inner world even better. By connecting to my inner muses I tapped into a certain kind of pure joy, and since I believe everyone has their own inner muse waiting for them, I want to help them tap into that awaiting joy too.

what are your MAIN THEMES?

Each new art series comes with its own message like vitality, rebirth, celebrating the divine feminine spirit and connecting to my inherently creative Soul Self. Those are just a few messages that have come across in my work in the past five years.

do you ship internationally?


when is your next event?

Soon. Hop onto the newsletter to stay in touch!

Veve heart inspired line drawing long.png

what’s a vvèvè symbol?

Vèvè cosmograms are sacred symbols commonly used in different branches of Vodun (Voodoo). During rituals, the vèvè acts as a "beacon" for the astral forces called Loa. Each Loa is represented by his or her own unique symbol, although regional differences in Haiti have led to different veves for the same loa in some cases. Sacrifices and offerings are usually placed upon them, with food and drink being most commonly used. Vèvè symbols have been represented directly in a multitude of art forms, and also inspired countless vèvè - derived artworks in Haiti and around the world. For example, they can be found in screenprint, painting, patchwork etc., as well as wall hangings, handbags, flags, tattoos, and banners.


Do you Speak Creole?

Yes, I picked up Creole (kreyol) as a kid growing up in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Delmas 75. I lived in Haiti for 10 years as a child and well into my teen years, so it would have been silly not to adapt and naturalize!