Free Tools 02: Sublime Morning Rituals to Spark Creativity

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Amanacer veve inspired line drawings

Every morning I wake up with a double cow-lick. You know, that special genetic gift for looking like a calf had it’s way with your hairline - one lick up in each direction.

It used to frustrate the hell out of me, but now I’ve embraced the taming of the cowlick (see above) as part of my morning rituals. But there’s much more juicy stuff that comes first.

Here are 5 easy morning rituals I use almost every day. I wanted to share them in hopes that you can light up your own creative spark too.


Say no to snoozing. Taking control of my day, my mood, and my willpower starts at the very beginning by not fighting the alarm. This simple - yet difficult AF - act sets the tone for every moment that follows. It pushes me to get to bed early too, which has a myriad of positive effects. So, say it with me now “I will resist the snooze.”

Can you imagine what it would feel like to hear an alarm and want to bounce out of bed with joy, so excited for the day head? Creativity requires courage, and laziness is one of the greatest enemies. So by breaking that first resistance and hopping out of bed right away, you will make the rest of the day so much more prone to fearless, playful moments.


OK I know these were supposed to be easy morning rituals so I promise number two is a lot more fun. The second way I spark creativity in the morning is putting on a gorgeous silk robe. The sumptous aqua fabric is so beautiful, sometimes it makes me laugh. It’s just kind of ridiculous how pretty it feels on my skin.

If anything “sparks joy” for me immediately, Marie Kondo style, it’s a hand painted silk kimono. I basically pretend I’m Elizabeth Taylor when I wake up, and you can too. Wear works of art, and you’ll likely feel more like making it too.


I prepare a tray.

Sometimes it’s a full-on breakfast tray. Most times its a hot beverage, journal, and more tools I use to spark creativity. Most of the time it looks like a portable altar. Sure, maybe you think it’s weird to be your own butler and go to the effort of preparing a tray. After all we just got through putting on a radiant queen level robes, but there’s a ritual joy to be found in this simple act. Trust me!

It takes intention and focus to place a candle and light it, then put my deck of oracle cards, prepare and place tea, coffee or cacao in a beautiful cup. The crystal that’s resonating with me at that moment also has pride of place on the resin art tray. These days, my morning ritual tray looks something like this:

Early morning light and a candle illuminate my good morning resin art tray.

Early morning light and a candle illuminate my good morning resin art tray.

Here’s what’s on my tray these days:

  • Bergamot scented candle

  • Freshly brewed hibiscus flower tea

  • Saje essential oils “energizing” blend

  • Rose quartz crystal

  • Goddess Oracle Cards


Oils, deep breaths.

Sometimes I’ll do holotripic breathwork for 5 minuts based on Victoria Bauman’s methods.

Sometimes I’ll simply breathe in the oils, cupped in my hands for 10 deep belly breaths. It’s energizing and gets my thoughts rolling for journalling.




I pull a card from an oracle deck, and say a little prayer. OR mediate on my balcony if the sunrise is particularly gorgeous.


JUMP ROPE. You heard me. I get out of my gorgeous silk robe, throw on some LOUD music on my wireless headphones, head down to the flat parking lot in my building and jump rope like I’m a six year old girl on the streets of Brooklyn in 1975. 3 - 4 songs. It only takes 10 minutes but I feel AMAZING after. Only then do I shower, and take care of that cowlick.

Morning rituals don’t have to be lengthy or strenuous to set the tone for a kick-ass day.

Morning rituals don’t have to be lengthy or strenuous to set the tone for a kick-ass day.

Old me used to snooze for half an hour, groan, curse that third glass of wine, roll out of bed and into the shower where I’d tackle the cowlick directly. Bangs or no bangs, it pissed me off. But somehow these days I’ve gotten addicted to treating myself like a friggin queen every day, and expecting the rest of the day to treat me just as well.

Wishing the same for you too. And whatever makes you feel good, in whatever order, means its the right morning routine for you.

The resin art tray is available in the shop!

The resin art tray is available in the shop!

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