Free Tools 04 - Stop Feeling Stuck in 10 Seconds

I know what it’s like to feel stuck.

Nobody wants to feel like they’ve stopped growing, or can’t get out of the current situation.

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Here are a few other 10 second tricks I try to practice to change my mindset from ‘routine’ to ‘life is special’.

Walk outside. Raise your face to the sky, and look up for 10 seconds while breathing as deeply as you can”
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Do you ever light a candle, or put a flower in the middle of the table before you chow down, even if you’re eating alone? Why do you think that is?

When I’m in a rush and haven’t prioritized cooking, i set another boundary. Instead eating out of the takeout container I give myself 15 seconds to put the food on a gorgeous plate, and I set the table. Because I’m worth it, damnit.

Serve yourself tea or coffee off a tray, instead of out of a basic mug placed directly on the table.

Small changes, that take 10 seconds or less can un-stick us from mundane routine and transform our lives into a thing of daily beauty.

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