Creative Catalysts like me have the honor to help unleash the unbridled power of creativity in your own life. The initial spark can take almost any form: videos that make you tingle, images so gorgeous they elicit a ‘wow’ from the heart, stories that resonate, seeing a dance that makes your heart ache and your limbs crave motion. Whatever gives you the little push, the voice in you saying:

“Wow, that looks so fun. If she can, then so can I.”

Yes you can create, and you should, and you will.

Because I believe we all have a creative blueprint inside us aching to be expressed.

By reconnecting to the innate creative spirit you were gifted at birth,

you can start spreading joy and wealth (of all kinds) into every area of your life: relationships, day-jobs, hobbies, bank accounts.

Quite often, I find catalysts are the muses, experiences or images that finally call attention to how stagnant your life has become, or how unexpressed you feel.

The fire of their creative joy shines a light on your intrinsic block. They hold up a mirror until you find the courage to look your lackluster spirit straight in the eye. Is it dry, when it should be as juicy as a ripe mango?  It’s the first step to transforming your inner creative world from a clogged pipe to fully turned on waterfall of inspiration.

And I promise, it’s so worth diving into the realm of the muse that lies within you.

You’re a born artist, even if you can’t draw a stick figure or write a poem for your life!

It’s in you to create, and creativity feels so sexy. It’s like problem-solving, life enhancing manna from the gods that transcends age, class, religion, gender, or economic status.

It’s in David, the war veteran who loses himself at a pottery wheel and finds solace form his nightmares with a new source of income.

It’s in Franoshka, the single mom who picks up her paintbrush and finds pure delight after saying “I just don’t have time” for 12 years. It’s the new business she builds and confidence in her step.

It’s in Salim, the loving dad who spends his days in a government office and his nights in the basement making the most exquisite guitars the world has ever seen.

Just like them, the muses are waiting for an invitation from you to start anew, daily. We’ve all got the creative juiciness within us. Only the tools of expression differ from one person to the next.

It comes out in writing, dancing, painting, pottery, singing, sculpting, building, acting, and playing every instrument the genius of humanity has invented over the ages.

Because something that borders on the miraculous happens when our watches come off, and smart phones are set aside. Something blissful stirs when you pick up your creative weapons of choice and lose yourself in the timeless world of flow. Like a portal to heaven on earth – you get to experience real rapture where no hunger thirst or awareness of the outside world exists. For a time, a new part of your brain comes alive. For that time, embodied inspiration ignites. In that realm, you are limitless. Then you come out on the other side tingling with other-worldly afterglow and soul-nourishing satisfaction.

This is the realm where I live with such joy that it sometimes seems impossible. But it’s real.

It’s within you too, I promise. Underneath the rusty blocks, it awaits. And I want to help you enter this world of the muses more vibrantly than ever.

Every single day.

Because you too

Were born to create.