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“Her flow was contagious, dizzying in its joy. Like a creative catalyst, she helped me tune into my own inspiration until it was as clear as a blueprint waiting to be read.”

-   Franoshka Telemaque


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Can a shirt remind you of your creative juiciness and make you feel it too? Hundreds of humans seem to think so. Amanacer Apparel is the clothing line designed to turn on your innate creativity. We believe everyone is an artist, no matter their race, religion, sexuality, day job or ability to draw a stick figure. Shop new collections like Born to Create, Creativity is Sexy, and Create Your Reality.



At age seven when I first moved with my family from small town Canada to the creative bedlam of Haiti, my journal was my only friend. Since then my appreciation for the power of journalling has only grown. For each luxurious Amanacer Journal you buy today, one REV journal is donated to a Haitian youth who needs a safe space to dream too.

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FREE Creative Tools to Turn You On!

There’s no such thing as a non-creative person. Everyone is an artist, and there’s nothing I love more than sharing secret ways to turn on your creativity full blast.


Art prints and originals

Looking at art releases the brain’s pleasure drugs, like natural LSD. Get a deeply satisfying dose of art dopamine on your walls with art prints. Gift the beautiful Amanacer vision of the world today.

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Welcome to the virtual home of Emily Bauman (Amanacer), an artist, author, bohemian entrepreneur and creative-living expert. Raised in Haiti until the age of 17 by Canadian parents, she's a lover of salt water, strong coffee and laughing so hard it kinda hurts. When Amanacer's not painting and creating in her Caribbean studio, she works to turn on other people's creativity so they can lead happier, wealthier lives too. Welcome to the home of your creative awakening.

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