The Bohemian Way - 2 Be A Misfit (Floating on Your Own)

Welcome to the second part of a new series I’m calling “The Bohemian Way”. It’s highly personal and dishes out a lot so here we go! And as always, please hit me up with a comment or reaction down below if you feel like it.

Be a misfit
Veve+inspired+heart+drawing Amanacer Art.jpg

“Ummm excuse me, what’s so controversial about a hat and flowy floral dress?”

The second key to living the bohemian way is being OK with feeling like a misfit. Like wearing a cowboy hat and floral dresses in a city whose uniform is tight-ass jeans and spaghetti strap tank tops does make me feel like I stand out. I mean, being pale skinned, with freckles and blond hair growing up in the world’s “first free black republic” gave me a head start on the lessons of being a misfit.

Just like the first post in the bohemian way - wearing red lips with gusto - this way of dressing is an outer expression of the confidence required to live a non-conformist existence.