Journal Post 2 : Journeys and Tokens

Amanacer Journal #2 is for the Journeys.

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Home is where the art is, they say.

OK, maybe it’s just something I say as a painter. But the truth is we can all benefit from surrounding ourselves with memories of a life well lived. I admire minimalists but I just can’t help collecting works of art, jewelry, and beautiful homewares when I travel. Are you the same?

For example, these throw pillows are from that time I found the courage to go speak at a peacebuilding conference in Turkey. I dont think I’ll ever get back to Anakara in this lifetime, but the pillows are a sweet reminder of the solo-travel and how proud I felt to wander around the streets alone. Silk scarves, votifs, my favoruite whiskey glass - so big it barely fits in one hand - also came home with me. But mostly - besides their beautiful utility of course - I treasure these objects for the memories they avoke.

Dining alone in your home town is one thing, but it was extra expansive to pick the resturant in Turkey and learn to enjoy ordering seafood in broken Turkish. People stare at solo diners, worldwide - and it’s hard not to imagine a sorry voice being directed at you. By night four it was a breeze, and I loved the freedom to engage in blatant people watching. OK, I’ll admit I had a journal and a book as a crutch. But these pillows here on my couch at home in Haiti are a reminder of how something initially scary or intimidating brought me joy once I embraced it.

Have you ever gone to a fine dining restaurant solo?

Was it at home or abroad? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below, and what kind of treasures you find yourself collecting along the way.

Sending you creative courage,



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