Free Tool 05: Resin Art 101 Video Tutorial.


Hey lovely,

I invite you to join me in the joy of playing with resin - wherever you are in the world (as long as you’re over 12 or your mom says it’s ok).

And I promise it takes zero prior experience, “talent”, or creative mojo to make gorgeous resin art on your first try.

I’ve taught hundreds of A-type, non-artist types from over 20 countries in my in-person workshops. Today we can do it virtually.

Epoxy Resin by Amanacer

PRO TIP #1 The first step before you dive into the tutorial video is finding your vibe. More specifically, what is your colour palette or inspiration?

I suggest you check out starry skies, deep universe or full moon prints, or maybe sea scapes from your recent vacation. Whatever lights you up, or makes you go “ohhh, that’s beauitufl” is the right fit. And no, it doesn’t have to be aqua blue. As a rule of thumb, I recommend you pick two to three colours to start out with on your journey into resin art.

To me, seeing certain shades of sea blue feels a lot like falling in love and translating that into the fluid of epoxy resin has been one of the greatest discoveries of this decade. No exaggeration!

Resin+Art+Home+Ocean+Dreams_by Amanacer.jpg

Because like love, until you experience the beauty of a wild beach at sunrise, in person you have NO f-ing clue what it's like. Know what I mean? If you’re like “what is she talking about?” then please head on over to Turks and Caicos, Grace Bay Beach at 6:30 a.m. and check back with me after.

All jokes aside, each person’s journey into resin art will be different, but I can bet you a few things that you should know from the outset.

PRO TIP #2 Even before you start, please know that you’ll have to let go of the outcome. Resin is liquid, afterall, which means it flows however it wants to. You can expect there will be a phase where you love your artwork, followed by “wait, why isn’t it staying how I want it?” then “STOP MOVING, RESIN!” and on to “actually that’s kind of cool” . Finally, 48 hours after the initial pour when the resin has dried I predict you’ll be arriving at the phase of “Wow, look! I can’t believe I made this.”

That, my friend, is where you’ll end up with this video tutorial: feeling like a creative maverick even if you’re not experienced in resin at all. And if you are, then I hope you’ll enjoy the expert tips embedded in the video for more advanced creatives like you!

Photo by Jeremy Bishop. It evokes the feeling of diving deep into the creative process and letting it flow without judging the outcome. Enjoy the journey!

Photo by Jeremy Bishop. It evokes the feeling of diving deep into the creative process and letting it flow without judging the outcome. Enjoy the journey!

So here's to all the salty, heartbreakingly gorgeous blues that inspire me, and whatever inspo gets you going too. Check out this video for your very own step by step guide into the love filled world of resin art.

P.S. Please feel free to share your creations with me over on Instagram @Amanacer_Art using #AmanacerArt. I always love to see what you get up to!

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