Liquid Mercury Moments

My friend Chantal recently came to visit from Canada. We hired a local fisherman in Jacmel, Haiti to take us onto the open sea at sunset.

Amanacer Images

Amanacer Images

We had some sandwiches and a cheap bottle of bubbles to swig from  as the sun burned from red to orange on the horizon. Inevitably, we became the cliche girls toasting to the simple pleasures Haiti brings and giggling as pure joy makes you. Before it was time to return to shore I dove into the mercury colored water that flowed like liquid silver.

This photo reminds me of the gnarled hands of our oarsman, Beke, and the feeling of bliss from being on the open sea.

It's moments like this that keep my creative spirit overflowing. They remind me of the joys that lie outside Haiti's capital, far beyond the political drama and dust of men, into the sea where only mermaids and oarsmen can reach.

Here's hoping my little adventure uplifts you too.