What's Your Wish? New Animated Art

This week Haitian it-girl Matti Dominque poses with my Urban Mermaid & Wishing Wall Mural, sparking others to share and post #WhatsYourWish? Or in Creole, #KisaOuSwete? Check it out!

Street Art: The Urban Mermaid & Wishing Wall

Artists: Amanacer (Emily Bauman) and Jerry Graffiti

Location: Exterior Wall of Le Plaza Hotel - Champs de Mars, Downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Find it at the intersection of 10 Rue Capois and Rue Saint Cyr before the hotel's parking lot entrance.

Urban Mermaid and Wishing Wall Mural by Amanacer and Jerry in Haiti

Amanacer poses with the Urban Mermaid Mural in downtown Port-au-Prince 

What's YOUR Wish for 2018?

xx Emily