My Bare-All Interview with Volver Art

Amanacer Art in Haiti by painter Emily Bauman

What's your aesthetic? Could you sum it up in two or three words? Regardless of your style, I believe that paintings, sculpture, books and photography are what give a home its soul. Below is a sneak peek into some corners of my home-studio that embody my tropical boho-luxe aesthetic.

With the advent of social media and online inspo galore, we can all become the curators of our dream spaces.  That's one of the sensibilities behind my friends at Volver Art, who believe life should be a living work of art. What a gorgeous idea, non!?

In my world, creole and art are the two healing balms that explain everything without words. Finding a sense of belonging comes down to my accent and what comes out of my paintbrush. I recently confided this in a bare-all interview I recently did with Volver Art. They wrote:

"Through her art, Emily aims to create a sense of belonging. There is a sense of differences being reconciled across her body of work. In her words, “Rich, mythical creatures from opposing traditions find a home on the same canvas.” She creates her own mythical world, replete with its own symbols and meaning. Emily’s sensibilities speak to art’s ability to cut across differences in traditions and bring people back together. They also give pause for thought about art’s capacity to make people feel at home."

Sarah, of Volver Art has a beautiful way with words, and I love that she aims for "poetry not perfection." For the full in-depth interview and more of Volver Art's coverage of artists, you can check out their page here!