Upcoming Art Festival: 5th Ghetto Biennale Haiti

This is it! After a super formal application process, I'm excited to be listed on the roster of local and international artists who will participate in the 5th Ghetto Biennale Arts Festival in Haiti http://ghettobiennale.org/

Woop woop! Working with the organizer, Leah Gordon, and her team will be such a great opportunity. So what's my contribution to this Haitian Arts Festival?

This November-December in Port-au-Prince, I'll collaborate with my street artist guru friend OliGa to create a massive interactive mermaid mural called "LaSirenn Urbaine" . This magical street painting will elicit stories, myths and beliefs around the vodoun goddess LaSirenn and her consorts.

Want to see what a full artist application looks like to this kind of art festival? I"m happy to share the full concept and write-up with you. Click here for the PDF.

If you're interested, check out the full list of artists and projects selected for this year's Ghetto Biennale Arts Festival here.

Public art making sounds scary and intimidating but I'm excited to continue practicing it this fall. Thanks for being here and following along on this creative journey of mine.