Chic Chateau - a photoshoot in your tropical dream getaway

Waking up in paradise at Chic Chateau

Here's how I spent the long weekend. Ready for a sneak peak that will be sure to stir your wanderlust into full gear?

Resin Art Tray by Emily Bauman Amanacer

I was more than a little pleased to return to Chic Chateau B&B to take photos for their new website. Having consulted on everything from the architectural drawings to lamp designs and a few style choices in between, it seemed like a natural fit to photograph this getaway I've come to call my second home. This gem is located in South-East Haiti's coast. It's just outside Haiti's cultural central city of Jacmel. As of today,  you can now book your stay via

P.S. The Safari Suite and yellow outdoor shower are my personal favourites. Hope you like the photos and visit the site soon!

P.P.S If you like the tray above you can pick one up at Laky Lakay Boutique or the E-Boutique

Hope you like the photos and visit the site soon! Janet's breakfasts are life-changing.

xx Emily Bauman (Amanacer)