Creative Living: Poolside Painting Sessions

Hi friends,

I thought I'd make a post about my current situation.  I hear Bali is gorgeous, but I'm quite satisfied with my corner of the Caribbean here in Haiti... for now! 

Fridays are for painting poolside.


Are you up for a little update? This past year and a half has been filled with a multi-faceted transition.

This is what 'work' looks like for me half the time now. The other half of the week I'm either in an office managing development grants ( or at the beach😉).

This art + office life I've designed doesn't seem contradictory or bipolar. And no, so many people ask but I"m not trying to work towards a full-time art career. Using both sides of my brain is actually quite fulfilling. Each of my two 'jobs' feeds different needs. On the one hand a core desire for community and connection (being part of a global organization) versus the independence that comes with being a solo-creative entrepreneur.  Plus, by not relying on my art for a steady income I relieve the financial pressure that notoriously kills creative juices. In the end, I believe you should and can profit from your passion, but don't kill that passion in the process by expecting too much of it. 

I guess each person has to design a lifestyle that fits them and their core desires.