Solo Show: Golden Dreams Series

It's here! The posters for my upcoming expo-sale just arrived in my inbox and I couldn't be more pleased with the dreamy boho-luxe design. More importantly, I'm thrilled about what it symbolizes for my new approach to being an artist in Haiti. 

Reves Dores _ Golden Dreams Poster

A solo art show in Haiti?

There's an incredible amount of preparation leading up to any art show, even more so if you're not sharing the burden with a group of fellow artists. Imagine how much more complex it is here in Haiti! 

 Newsflash for those not in the biz: an art show entails so much more than making great art work, hanging it on the wall and handing out some wine on opening night. It's a bit of a one-woman circus. From graphic design of posters and promotion, media outreach, press releases and interviews,  social media and not to mention curating the artwork itself within the space, making a playlist, creating 'art name tags' , photographing the work,  and designing a catalogue.... I decided to add 'logistics' to the list, because my show will involve a 6 hour road trip with all the art up to the venue Cap Haitien.

I like to think all this hustle and bustle is just making me a more organised entrepreneur. More importantly, I'm learning to delegate to fellow professionals and actually invest in myself and my art practice. 

Self-Worth and Art Sales

As a woman who's decent with a camera, Photoshop and graphic design, it is always tempting to just half-ass the production and do it all myself in advance of a show. The other reasoning has been trouble justifying the extra expense of outsourcing. Call it a lack of faith or lack of 'art self worth'.

 But what does that DIY, micromanager attitude lead to? Lots of late nights going a bit nuts, and finished products that would be better off if I let go a bit more and handed the job over to pros. Otherwise stated, I realize that my past approach resulted in a small, comfortable art existence with expositions that were nice and profitable, but rough around the edges. Definitely not the polished, professional artist I could so easily become, and definitely not my full potential. So this time around I realised the folly of my ways. I want to enjoy this process, damnit!

So a few mantras later, and lots of pep talks  "I'm worth it, my art is worth it, I deserve to invest in professional services, this will be dope," As a first example, I bring you this gorgeous poster designed by the geniuses at PARKOUR STUDIO. They also kindly cross-posted it to a friend's social media site "Partying in Haiti" with 100,000 followers on Instagram, unasked! I guess once I take a step towards self confidence and growth, the ripple effects of expansion are inevitable. :)      

It's an interesting link to see where practising self-love will now lead to a more polished, professional art life. The surprising number of pre-show sales and requests I've already had for the "Golden Dreams" catalogue indicates that this new approach will also result in greater sales!  

Thanks for being here and being part of this artist's evolution! From Haiti and Art Cove Studio with much love,

XX Emily Bauman 'Amanacer'