My Urban Mermaid & The Wishing Wall

Urban Mermaid Mural

Paint your wish

Amanacer + Jerry Graffiti present a special art event

We're making world class art, inspired by the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince. Will you help ?

We're making world class art, inspired by the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince. Will you help ?

"What's your wish, Love?"  "Kisa ou swete, cheri"? Asks the Urban Mermaid . Her outstretched arm is curved just right to give you a huge. Selfie time, anyone?                      #WhatsYourWish    

What's more exhilarating than doing something for the first time? Something fun, that you think you secretly might be good at? That was my experience on this project. 

This interactive mural  is part of the official program for the Ghetto Biennale 2017 Arts Festival, happening between Dec 11-17 in Port-au-Prince Haiti. It's situated on the exterior wall of Le Plaza Hotel, who kindly sponsored the artwork.

The Amanacer Art concept for "La Sirene Urbaine" was executed in collaboration with local superstar Jerry Graffiti who has only recently thrown off the cloak of anonymity after 15 years. 

Artist Amanacer (Emily Bauman in pink) progresses on the mural's finer details with a paintbrush.

PRESS RELEASE (English follows)

La Sirène Urbaine et le Mur de Souhaits – 
Dévoilement de la fresque murale et l’art participative d’Amanacer 

Venez ajouter vos souhaits et désirs sur une mural vivante! Rencontrez une sirène urbaine et posez pour une photo avec elle. Participez à un tournage d’un film sur les mythes de sirènes et ‘Simbi » en ayiti.

 On vous donne rendez-vous devant Le Plaza Hotel Ce vendredi 15 décembre dans la matinée et samedi 16 décembre après-midi, pour ces activités culturelles autour du Mural « La Sirène Urbaine ». C’est une nouvelle collaboration entre l’artiste peintre Canadienne-Haitienne Amanacer (Emily Bauman) et Jerry Graffiti.

La Sirène Urbaine et le Mur de Souhaits font partie des activités du festival d’art Ghetto Biennale 2017, le 11-17 décembre 2017. Venez nombreux avec vos souhaits et souries (activités gratuites).

Location : 10 Rue Capois à Champs de Mars (mur extérieur du Hotel Le Plaza)

Heure : 9h-12pm vendredi le 15 décembre et 12-5pm samedi le 16 décembre

Parking sécurisé disponible sur place à Le Plaza Hotel.


Jerry at work on La Sirene Urbaine

The Urban Mermaid and Wishing Wall -

Unveiling of the mural and participative Amanacer Art project

Come and paint your wishes and desires on a living mural. Meet the Urban Mermaid and pose for a photo with her lovely self. Or participate in the filming of a video on mermaid myths and legends in Haiti.

You’re officially invited to take part in these events in front of Le Plaza Hotel, this Friday December 15th in the morning and Saturday December 16th in the afternoon. The new “Urban Mermaid” mural is a collaboration between Canadian-Haitian painter Amanacer (Emily Bauman) and widely renown street artist “Jerry Graffiti.”

The Urban Mermaid and Wishing Wall are created as part of the Ghetto Biennial 2017 Arts Festival happening from December 11-17 in Port-au-Prince. Come one, come all, with your wishes and your smiles (all activities are free).

Location: 10 Rue Capois at Champs de Mars downtown (exterior wall of Le Plaza Hotel)

Time: 9am-12pm Friday 15 December and 12-5pm Saturday 16 December 2017. Secure parking available in the hotel parking lot.

Urban Mermaid Work In Progress

Good Luck


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P.S. Here is an excerpt from the Ghetto Biennale Artist Biography. A special thanks to Leah Gordon and Eugene:

"The urban space of Port-au-Prince has a new and fascinating impact on traditional legends, magic, and storytelling. Canada-born, Haiti-raised visual artist Amanacer and Haitian street artist Jerry Graffiti will explore the question "How do rural expressions of magical rituals, and knowledge get translated into Port-au-Prince’s urban consciousness?" This question will be explored through the creation of an interactive mural that elicits the stories around a particular magical being: the voudou mermaid goddess LaSirenn. LaSirenn's religious significance in contemporary vodou, her magic, and everyday encounters in urban consciousness of Haiti will be explored through a week-long project "LaSirenn Urbaine."

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