A new product to blow your mind

Table or Tray?

The good news, this Mermaid Lagoon piece is both!

Introducing the latest creative innovation from Amanacer Art: the Mermaid Lagoon Side Table. It was inspired by the reflection of green palm fronds on glassy- blue Caribbean sea. Like each Amanacer-art creation this piece is one of a kind. But this Mermaid Lagoon has one has a secret double function...

The removable table top converts into a 15x15" serving tray. Is it fine art, or modern furniture?  

Welcome to the aqua-luminescent magic of resin art 

Welcome to the aqua-luminescent magic of resin art 

Due to the alcohol ink dyes, the table top appears in totally different hues when placed in direct sunlight versus florescent light. All the photos above are of the same piece, and it ain't Photoshop, I promise! At just $275 USD this one-of a kind-creation will light up your space and add some bohemian-luxe flair to your every day. Now available in the boutique!

Mermaid Lagoon Side Table x Serving Tray
— Resin Art by Amanacer