This resin piece from the class is a tribute to you dear one @Amanacer_Art. Thank you for reviving the long lost artist in me.
— Franoshka via Instagram
Resin Art Class participant, Franoshka pictured in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Resin Art Class participant, Franoshka pictured in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

My Amanacer Art resin piece lights up my room with its ocean-inspired motif. The beach vibes bring warmth and joy to me year round here in Canada. As an avid hiker, I spend most of my time outdoors enjoying nature, but this resin painting brings nature directly to me on days when I can’t go outside.
— Nathanial Valk, Ottawa
Amanacer art collector nathanial valk
We just wanted to let you know that your “Traveling Man” piece brings us inspiration and joy on a daily basis. Thank you!
— Brett and Brian, San Francisco
"To have original art in our home is important because it gives a certain atmosphere and character and we are particularly happy that one of our original art work in our Swedish home is made by the talented Amanacer. Our bumble bee of love really brightens our space and it's situated right in the heart of our home. Its made with such a precision and the detail work is incredible. Thank you Emily Bauman (Amanacer) for letting us expose your magical art work!" - Sanna & Jens, Sweden
Regine in Haiti of MyaBel

Regine & Junior, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

We have two resin art pieces from Amanacer — and the purple and gold undertones absolutely bring life to my reading nook. I can’t wait to collect more.
— -Regine
Amanacer Art Resin Collection 2017 "GOlden Dreams"

From Haiti toManchester

During a visit to Port-au-Prince, Max and Becky were captivated by this resin mixed media duo from my Golden Dreams Series (2017). I was thrilled by their choice, and I love the spirit of "one for you, one for me."           xx Amanacer

Becky and Ben Buy Amanacer Art

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