2017 June. "Reves Dores". Yanvalou, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Solo Show)

2017 March  "Golden Dreams" . Alliance Francaise, Cap Haitien, Haiti (Solo Show)

2016 June. "Zanmi Destine". La Lorraine. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

 2016 June. Selebrasyon. Affirmation Gallery. New York, USA

2015 February. 'Vitality" Grounded. Ottawa, Canada (Solo Show) 

2015 December "Expo D'Atelier International de PROMART. Petion-Ville,  Haiti 

2015., 60th Anniversary of Independence - National Gallery. South Korea 


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Challenges Magazine

CULTURE: Painter Emily Bauman "Haiti as a Source of Artistic Inspiration" (FR and EN)

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For AMANACER (Emily Bauman)

Amanacer (Emily Bauman) at her home-studio in Haiti, 2017

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AMANACER (Emily Bauman) is a self-taught painter, designer and creative entrepreneur. She has a background in fine art, having been raised amidst a tribe of visual artists from ages 7 to 17 in Haiti. She earned her bachelor degrees in Philosophy, English and French Literature at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. After several years of photographing her travels and working abroad in development, she obtained a Masters Degree at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. Now, her Haiti-based studio serves as a creative jump off point for art shows and creative collaborations both locally and across the globe.  

Her multi-media art work is informed by a complex cultural identity comprised of opposing traditions.  Amanacer's quest to create a sense of belonging as a white-anglophone raised in creole, afro-caribbean culture creates interesting tension in her works.  A world of fused symbols, myths and legends of her own making (and lots of mermaids!) result. Whether it's a resin art table, a restaurant's decor, or painting, each project is executed with freedom of spirit and Caribbean boho-luxe aesthetic.

Recent group shows include the 60th Anniversary of Independence Exhibition in Gunsan, South Korea; 'Selebrasyon' at Affirmation Gallery in New York, and 'Zanmi Destine' at La Lorraine in Haiti. Amanacer started 2017 with two solo resin art shows "Golden Dreams' at the historic Alliance Francaise building in Cap Haitian, and then in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Brooklyn will follow in August. She's just launched a new line of resin furniture in summer 2017 and has accepted interior design projects for the fall. Stay tuned and get inspired on her facebook and instagram or purchase a piece on the online store!

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Emily Bauman Bohemian Artist Haiti
AMANACER captures the spirit of the modern bohemian painter, with multi-cultural roots and a global outlook.
— Francesca Moschelli
Amanacer (Emily Bauman) portrait by EDZ the Artist Photography

Amanacer (Emily Bauman) portrait by EDZ the Artist Photography

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